A Python package for reproducibly analysing UVVis data

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UVVisPy – A Python package for conveniently handling UVVis data.

The UVVisPy package provides tools for handling experimental data obtained using UV-visible (UVVis) absorption spectroscopy and is derived from the ASpecD framework. Due to inheriting from the ASpecD superclasses, all data generated with the UVVisPy package are completely reproducible and have a complete history.

What is even better: Actual data processing and analysis no longer requires programming skills, but is as simple as writing a text file summarising all the steps you want to have been performed on your dataset(s) in an organised way. Have a look at its documentation.

UVVisPy is free and open source licensed under a BSD 2-clause license. However, if you use UVVisPy for your own research, please cite it appropriately:

Till Biskup. UVVisPy (2021). doi:10.5281/zenodo.5106817

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